Colors & Emotions with Friends

Posted on May 7th, 2011 by YoGi
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Colors & Emotions with Friends, a set on Flickr.

A small photography experiment with some friends, their emotions & expressions and colors.

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Encounter of the fourth kind – the Apple iPhone 4 review

Posted on October 19th, 2010 by YoGi



We all have seen it (well, some have personally and most of us have seen it online) and we all have read about it. We all have witnessed the hype, the controversies and the media circus that happened over it. But that’s the thing about Apple products, especially when it comes to one of the company’s flagship products.

But that’s not the point here and certainly not the story. I’ve finally scored one and today, I’m going to put it on a review. But before you proceed I must clear something, this review is based on my personal views and experience with the device and in some parts it may/will sound subjective. I’ve tried to keep the focus objective wherever possible, but as a long time iPhone user and due to the nature of few features it’s very difficult to be objective. I hope you readers understand.

With that out of the way, let’s proceed and find out if it is anything as “magical” as dear Steve El Jobso says it is. ;)


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To Flash or not to Flash, and confusion over everything else

Posted on April 29th, 2010 by YoGi

It all started with the first iPhone. Amidst the list of things it cannot do, one pointer that was specifically used against the Apple was iPhone’s lack of Flash player. Sitting at the third generation today, iPhone still doesn’t support Flash. Meanwhile there is sort of a war between Apple and Adobe, Flash users and Flash haters, Flash Developers and HTML5 promoters. But here lies the problem, while some are predicting the demise of Flash, nobody knows what part of Flash we are talking about here. Yes, there are more than two sides of this “Flash” thing.

There are four flavors or types of Flash content that general surfer sees. Let’s list in the order of their dominance over the web.

  1. Video content delivery
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Games
  4. Application interfaces / Website interfaces

The first and the foremost, Video. Since the inception of YouTube, Flash became the de-facto standard to deliver video content over the web. It surpassed other streaming formats and plugins by miles in a very short time. One of the advantages of it was easy creation of content, already large enough base of installed browser plugins and relatively decent quality for the size. But as the bandwidth increased and video quality started moving from SD to HD, flash didn’t evolve fast enough. Apple made YouTube switch to MPEG-4 as alternate content, to support iPhone. More on this later.

Banner ads, face it… nobody likes them. It’s annoying, it eats your valuable bandwidth and badly created content simply spoils your browsing experience. But, since most the people don’t know how to block ads, for one reason or another, accidental or deliberate clicks, it still works. But Flash banner ads were challenged long before the iPhone and mobile device started grabbing the market. Google did it with text-based, contextual ads. These were fast, not so obtrusive to user and more relevant to content the user was visiting.

That leaves us with Games and Application Interfaces. This still is Flash’s forte. Over the time HTML/CSS/JavaScript have come long way to create interactive interfaces, but Flash still have some advantages of its own against these open-standard architectures. But before we talk about those advantages, let’s take a look at Flash’s disadvantages and why Apple is so edgy about Flash.

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Why everyone should take time out to watch this….

Posted on April 13th, 2010 by YoGi

Seriously… everyone should just watch this and think about your life, your actions, your so-called achievements and your friends, your family and everything else you hold so dear. Think about the reasons that your fight, the reasons for that you feel like standing up, the nationalism, the religious beliefs, the clan, the name and every petty belonging that you accumulated over the years. Just watch this and understand the significance of your existence, which is actually a big fat NOTHING(sorry-for-bursting-your-bubble).

No matter how much hatred I hold for the whole human existence, the eternal optimist in me says that the world would be much better place if everyone just watched this and understand. But as unlikely that to happen, for we are a race addicted to social networking and developed a short-attention span.

UPDATE: Looks like the video was removed from Vimeo. No reason was given, so I’ve no idea why it’s deleted. Anyway the video is arranged from another source and it’s working again.

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Happy New Year….

Posted on January 2nd, 2010 by YoGi

Happy new year… to everyone!!!

So another year has passed… now that’s an understatement. Another year flew by, that would be the right way to put it. The time really flies. It just feels funny, to remember things you did and feeling like “oh gosh, it just feels like yesterday”… and I’m not talking about just one year, this whole decade felt like ran it’s course on steroids. I moved out of house, I started working independently, I went to safari in jungles of MP, I went to long desired vacation to Ladakh and I’ve been to Seychelles and it all just feels to yesterday. Looking back at my life in this decade, every moment feels so clear and vivid it’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 freaking years.

Everyone should really do this, just sit quietly in your window (or wherever you like) with large cup of steaming coffee (or your favorite beverage) and rewind. Remember the last holiday you spent with your family, remember the last holiday that you couldn’t spend with your family, remember the great and awesome things you did, remember the stupid and mean things that you did, remember that friend you had in your last office, remember than grumpy and khadoos colleague that made your work life less rosey. Your findings may vary, but I remember both sides of the coins I flipped in my past, and it brings great feelings in my mind. It’s hard to describe, but it’s sort of a cocktail of satisfaction, relief and good, crazy chuckles. God bless, for he has given me enough clarity to see through myself and enough courage and ability to carry my decisions and mistakes in my own hands… because I’ve yet to come across any serious regret about anything I’ve done in my life. Looking back also gives you great insight about people around you, and your connection with those people. Some have gotten closer while some have drifted apart, some may have even gotten lost in the dark depths of forgotten memories, while some may been just reduced to memories.

It feels nice that some things have changed and while many things are still so same. It helps one to keep their feet on ground, not to be drifted away in the strong flow of stream called time. Few things have changed though, probably not for good. I’ve gained weight (yay… finally!!), but in wrong places. I’ve gotten slow and lazy. I’ve finally managed to grow long hairs, but now I’ve hardly any time to manage them properly and bad hair day seems to be almost every day of the week. In short… I’m not looking old, but I AM growing old and these things remind of this fact, in not so subtle way. Plus my smoking has increased instead of lessening, and it’s not helping at all. I know it’s not good for me and I know should be really exercising more regularly, but I am knowing these things aren’t helping either.

Now we enter 2010… end of the decade, two years before the worlds end (supposedly, not that I believe it). Twenty-ten… a funny number, I can’t explain why it’s funny… it just feels funny to say, twenty-ten or two-zero-one-zero or two-thousand-ten. I just hope to go through this year better than last one, especially on personal side of things. I hope I finally get the wisdom to clean up my ways and start taking better care of myself. Hey god, if you’re running short on wisdom (judging by the state of the world these days), a smack on my head would be great too.

And to all my friends and everyone else… don’t just wait for god to smack my brains out, get real and start paying some attention towards yourself. Have a happy new year ahead and may god grant you the wisdom (remember god, I’m first in line) or the smack on your head, to remind you about yourselves.

Once again… Happy New Year… a Happy Fuckin’ New Year indeed!! :)

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Birthday wisdom…. I’ll be…

Posted on December 17th, 2009 by YoGi


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Remember, reclaim your life

Posted on October 15th, 2009 by YoGi

There is reason I love this ad. Every time I watch it, it just makes me feel like packing my backpack and go somewhere. I was an impulsive traveler and it just makes me feel jealous of my former self. What the fuck happened? What changed my life? I must remember. I must reclaim my life.

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Asia IT Expo ’09: a minor disappointment

Posted on September 26th, 2009 by YoGi

So I went to Asia IT Expo ’09 and I came back…. I can sum up the experience in that one sentence. But I won’t because, it wasn’t that big of disappointment as last year. At least it wasn’t office furniture expo.

Truth be told, it wasn’t any different than Asia IT Expo ’07… it had some hardware, it had some software, it had more software than hardware, it has some brands and it didn’t have some brands. Some part was improved but it didn’t amount to much.

I’ll show you a picture story.

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Upgrading MacBook’s storage… the easiest way!

Posted on May 14th, 2009 by YoGi

I’ve got late 2008 model MacBook, and it’s a great little machine. In fact, I bought it quite fully loaded… with 4 gig of DDR3 1066MHz RAM and 250GB drive. So it wasn’t really required for me to upgrade the drive. But space, as you know in computer world, is never enough. Since I’m planning to use this little thing as primary computer for my photographic and traveling needs, I figured it was only logical to have as much as space possible. Those who, like me shoot in RAW mode would know how easy it is to fill up empty space after long photography sessions. So I bought the currently largest available notebook drive, that is 500GB. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Seagate momentus 7200RPM drive as it would have been better from performance standpoint. Neverthless, I was pretty happy to score WD Scorpio Blue 5400RPM drive at really good price of Rs. 4900 (approx $97).

Now here starts the real fun… these new MacBooks have very easy drive replacement facility, but something struck me as I sat down to replace the drive…. my currently installed softwares and data. I don’t want to re-install every fucking thing again and copy and re-arrange the data afterward. That’s too much of a waste of time. Well, well… it’s true that they say that Google is thy friend. Going through few sites, I came across couple of drive utilities for backup and restore. While most of the people were mentioning Super Duper by Shirt Pocket, there was this one software that caught my eye… Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich Software. Off-course if you’re Time Machine user and have large external drive for backup, Time Machine let you restore entire system from backup. But since I don’t use it I’m not covering it in this article. So if you’re like me and you don’t use Time Machine then read on about how to do it with third party app like mentioned above.

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I Wonder……

Posted on May 14th, 2009 by YoGi


Something is up for this weekend… :)

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